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T.S. Claire is a self-taught Los Angeles based painter, who has quickly become one of the city’s most unique and carefully watched artists.

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I have been interviewing women who work in Fantasy Illustration about their lives, art and careers. It’s a goldmine of knowledge and advice both for working artists and also for aspiring illustrators and artists.

There are currently 17 different interviews, so get reading and enjoy!

You can find all of the interviews here:

More good stuff to read from Kiri Leonard, and of course the interviewees.

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Attention internet and friends,

I am trying to make space in the office while slowly hand feeding my wallet.  I am bundling the original sketch of “Bright Light, Bright Light” with the large 18” x 24” framed print.  Both are the only ones breathing on this earth and am certain they would look better on your walls.  Heck, I may even through in an extra goodie.  

You can take a look here.

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